HoneyStick MiniMax Pro: A Review

HoneyStick MiniMax Pro: A Review

HoneyStick MiniMax Pro: A Review


The MiniMax Pro vaporizer from HoneyStick is quickly becoming a staple for concentrate and e-liquid consumers who prefer a stealthy, low-key experience. Hiding under the guise of a common keychain, the MiniMax Pro vaporizer comes not only as an affordable option for those who want a discreet way of vaping their favorite materials but is also a reliable and a dependable way of administering CBD infused e-liquids and concentrates. That's why it's one of the most sought-after portable vaporizers by both casual and medical cannabis consumers as well as recreational e-liquid users.   

 Honey Stick Minimax Pro

I'm here to find out just exactly how well the HoneyStick MiniMax Pro works. In this review, we'll know just how much of a vaporizer the HoneyStick Minimax Pro is. Will it be just another vape fad? Or will it be what it really claims to be – the answer to our long and overdue plea for a vaporizer that embodies, represents, and delivers the true discreet vaping experience.   


Vaping Under the Radar  

Although vaping has already reached mainstream status, it's no surprise that not everyone welcomes and appreciates its benefits, and of course, its dense and thick clouds of vapor. While those who are into vaping know that second-hand vapor poses no substantial threat to those around them, those who aren't into it don't. Whether you're vaping odorless cannabis-infused e-liquids or if you're into that sweet-smelling flavored e-juice, you have to be mindful where and when to blow your clouds especially when you're out vaping in public. Most vapers, as a common practice, do not vape where smoking is not permitted. It's common courtesy, you don't want to be vaping in theatres, restaurants, bus stops and anywhere near children and the elderly. Because many vape users see this as a restriction, many began adapting to what little room their environment gave them.   


Vape manufacturers saw the need for this growing trend and began making products that will allow vape users to enjoy the benefits of their materials without having to tread on the toes of those around them. Because huge and visible clouds of vapor aren't exactly everybody's cup of tea, vape companies began working on devices that highlighted the flavor and the potency of the materials instead of having lung-ripping vapors in exponential quantities. It's a fair trade, potency, and flavor for visible vapors and because flavor focused vaporizers required less power it gave way to smaller units. Smaller units meant more portable devices, those that can be easily carried around and can be concealed at any moment. Having the benefit of both low-key clouds and a small and stealthy device allowed vape users especially those who use their vaporizers to medicate to have an on-demand and a reliable means of e-liquid and concentrate consumption.  


The HoneyStick MiniMax Pro Features  

The HoneyStick MiniMax Pro came from a line of vaporizers that are purposefully made for discreet and low-key vaping. Here are some of its most notable features.   


  • Fast Heating  
  • Pocket-Friendly  
  • Pre-Heat Function  
  • Micro-USB Charging  
  • Universal 510-Threaded  
  • Short Circuit Protection  
  • Discreet Key Fob Design  
  • Variable Voltage Settings  
  • 0.8 Ohm Atomizer Resistance  
  • Compatible with 11mm/Plus Size Cartridges or Smaller  


First Impressions   

I never thought a device this small could fit as much feature, the likes of what you'd find on a regular portable vaporizer. Surprisingly, the HoneyStick MiniMax Pro is equipped with three preset temperature profiles; 3.6 volts, 3.8 volts, 4.0 volts respectively. The MiniMax Pro allows you to experience the full spectrum of your favorite e-liquids by giving you the option to go low and slow or high and fly. It goes well with both thick, viscous concentrates as well as runny and thin e-juices. It also boasts a universal 510-threaded connection making the MiniMax Pro a universally compatible unit that can accommodate most e-liquid cartridges. It gives you the freedom of using almost any cartridge of your choice, giving you a wide variety of vaping options depending on your needs.   


Initially, I'd only thought of getting a MiniMax Pro just because I'd like to have a secondary vaporizer. For when I can't carry or use my other vape. I'm more of a motorcycle guy, so having a vaporizer I could take with me without having to worry about where I'd put it is something I'd appreciate and the MiniMax Pro perfectly fits the bill. Not only does it serve as a secondary unit, it can well be the only vaporizer I'll need. It has rapid heating functions which makes it the perfect on-the-go vape, giving me on-demand results for when I need it the most.   


How to Use  

First, you'd have to assemble the MiniMax Pro before using it. You'd have to press the button atop the vaporizer to expose the cartridge connection. Next, screw your cartridge by twisting it clockwise until you feel it get securely tight. Turn on the vaporizer by clicking the power button 5 times. Should you need to change the voltage setting, simply click the same button 3 times. Once your desired setting has been achieved allow the vaporizer to heat up your concentrates and start vaping.   


It took me nearly a minute to prepare and assemble the MiniMax Pro, and that's my only gripe. I felt that while it's generally easy and simple to use, the prep time and steps it required for me to start vaping was not what I expected from a portable, on-the-go vaporizer. It could be that it's the price we have to pay for stealth and concealment. Either way, I still felt that the act of removing and replacing the cartridge when vaping in public is a dead giveaway.   


Final Thoughts  

Overall, the HoneyStick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer is a solid choice for people who want a discreet vaporizer, the kind of what could be easily be mistaken for a key fob. The MiniMax Pro, like most HoneyStick Vapes, does not disappoint.   


I'd recommend it to beginners and even the advanced users who like to keep it modest and subtle. Those who would like to keep their vaping sessions private and those who like to enjoy vaping without ruffling anyone's feathers.    

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