Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer Review

Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer Review

Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer Review 

The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is currently one of the best multi-purpose desktop vaporizers on the market. This tabletop vaporizer brings together two of the important factors vape enthusiasts look for in a desktop unit -- quality and affordability. In this review, we will not only look into the factors that set the Extreme Q apart from other desktop units in its class, but we’ll also delve into the aspects which makes the Extreme Q from Arizer the perfect investment for both beginners and advanced vape users.  


Better By Design 

Arizer Extreme Q


This Canadian vaporizer manufacturer strongly believes in its ideology turned slogan, which, in our opinion, made Arizer vapes the coveted pieces they are. Arizer products such as the Extreme Q perfectly blends functionality and versatility. The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer works both as a whip vape and a balloon vape giving you two drawing methods for the price of one.  


Whip vapes offer a traditional experience and give your vaping sessions a tangible feel. Although most whip-style desktop vapes generally feature a mechanical design and operates through an all-mechanical interface, the Arizer Extreme Q features a crisp LCD screen that displays the exact temperature level as it operates. It delivers the advantage of a contemporary digital desktop vaporizer with the feel of traditional whip-style vapes. Whip vapes are popular because of the straightforward and uncomplicated procedure that makes vaping with a whip such a breeze. Experienced and advanced users tend to lean over the side of whip vapes as they normally make for a harsher if not a more uncomfortable experience since you’ll tend to take in hot vapors as you pull directly from the heating element. While others might find gratification in drawing steady and consistent warm vapors because of its intensity and potency, others might find it a little too daunting and find it somewhat unbearable. The Arizer Extreme Q focuses on this factor and used the advancement on today’s technology to deliver a more pleasurable experience when using whip-style vapes. As a result, the Arizer Extreme Q yields better, and purer vapors compared to most whip-style desktop vaporizers on the market. Thanks to its ceramic heating components and its unique glass bowl, the Arizer Extreme Q can facilitate the perfect environment for dry herb vaporization. Let’s not forget its digital control which allows precise temperature adjustment coupled with multiple fan speeds making the Extreme Q the ideal whip vape. The actual whip is made from medical-grade tubing, the length of the whip helps dissipate the heat, and its inert properties ensures it will not affect the quality of the vapors even when the whip is exposed to heat.  


Whilst the Arizer Extreme Q may be one of the best whip vapes in the industry, it’s also one of the best balloon vapes in the business. It uses the same technology and digital controls to propel hot air from the heating element to vaporize your materials and easily fill the balloons with vapors. The balloons are the ideal option for beginners who like to let their vapors cool down while enjoying a more convenient experience without having to hold the whip in between sessions. Because the Arizer Extreme Q can change the fan speed, you’ll be able to adjust the density of the vapors depending on your needs. Generally, a high fan speed partnered with a high temperature level allows you to produce thick clouds with decent flavors. A low fan speed on a low temperature setting, on the other hand, makes for thin wisps of clouds with fuller and more discernible flavors -- an easy equation for newcomers. However, because the controls of the Extreme Q allow personalization and customization of your sessions, one can experiment and be adventurous in trying out different combinations of fan speeds and temperature levels. Unlike other desktop vaporizers that only allow you to alter the temperature, the Arizer Extreme Q lets you fine-tune both the strength of the forced air as well as the warmth of the heating element.  


Always A Step Ahead 

Arizer Extreme Q


The Arizer Extreme Q proves that it’s always a step ahead of the competition especially in the subject of design, engineering, and technology. The Extreme Q is arguably one of the very few if not the only desktop vaporizer which allows you to control it remotely. A controller can be used to adjust almost all the settings from a distance, it's perfect for changing the temperature settings, the fan speed, and more, right at the comfort of your couch or from your kitchen table. The Arizer Extreme Q can prepare your balloon for you from a distance and all you must do is just pick it up when you’re ready to vape. It talks to you and lets you know it’s done through its audio/beep tone keeping you informed in every stage. Even from afar, the display on the LCD can easily be seen where the temperature level can be viewed either in Celsius or in Fahrenheit depending on what you fancy. The Arizer Extreme Q also boasts an automatic shut-off timer for those who like to just set it and forget it. 


The Extreme Q also proves that it’s ahead of the game in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics. The Whip connector that sits atop the vaporizer can swivel around 360° allowing the Arizer Extreme to turn whichever way without constraint should the occasion calls for sharing your vaporizer with friends. There’s virtually no need for sesh participants to change places or swap seats when vaping with the Extreme Q, its swiveling top allows for more convenient vaping accommodating draws and pulls from every direction. Likewise, the balloons can be shared with friends as the Extreme Q can fill the bag within seconds. Should you feel like going hands-free, a glass aromatherapy dish is included. This glass piece is made from lab-quality borosilicate glass that preserves the terpenes of your blends for a truly aromatic and uplifting experience. At the base of the Extreme Q is a cool-blue LED which all the more promotes a soothing experience while indulging on the Extreme Q’s euphoric clouds of vapor.  


Is It Worth It?  

Although many consumers see the Arizer Extreme Q as an entry level desktop vaporizer we truly believe that it has the potential of being a tough daily driver. Even if we’d like to say that its price point is its strongest suit, it’s not hard to say that the features of the Arizer Extreme Q is similarly compelling and would be enough to get your buy in.  


Overall, the price and the fact that it works both as a whip vape and a balloon vape for only a fraction of the cost of tabletop units that can only do one is pretty neat 

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