Dr. Dabber Accessories: The Perfect Add-On to Your Dr. Dabber Vaporizers

Dr. Dabber Accessories: The Perfect Add-On to Your Dr. Dabber Vaporizers

Dr. Dabber Accessories: The Perfect Add-On to Your Dr. Dabber Vaporizers

When you’ve discovered something unbelievably good, you would definitely to want it even better. Dr. Dabber vaporizers already carry you at the next level in vaping experience. You now know how innovation in design and unrelentingly passionate craftsmanship delivers that flavor in every draw. Even the hectic pace -- the ebb and peak of the vaper lifestyle can have its unexpected twists and turns -- you can always count on Dr. Dabber to bring you that solace, that calming experience of vaping. 


We’ve tested out how Dr. Dabber vape pens and vaporizers and find that the spectrum of flavor always gets this nod of contentment. And the stream of the cloud is a vividly clear response to that thought, “Yes, this is what vaping should be.” Pardon the awe, but Dr. Dabber provides the promise they’ve wrapped their products with. It’s also high time -- no pun intended at all -- to also look into what are the other devices, Dr. Dabber accessories, and tools they have created to get vaping at that reachable level of extraordinary. 


There’s a whole range to choose from and the handful that we’ve decided to do a critique on is now on our list of must-haves in the future. Wouldn’t want to pre-empt or let you wonder what we’ve been lucky enough to try out. So, here are just some of the cool Dr. Dabber accessories in their collection. 

Ready for anything: The Dr. Dabber Premium Carrying Case 

This protects and cradles all your Dr. Dabber gear. It’s designed to be a vape case that has compartments built-in. I found myself getting obsessive-compulsive in making sure it’s organized -- atomizers, devices, attachments, charging gear and concentrates -- all tucked into the space that I assigned it to. Dr. Dabber made a smart move on getting the dimensions compact yet with enough wiggle room to accommodate Dr. Dabber accessories, as well. 


The material itself, high quality waxed canvas safeguards your Dr. Dabber gear. You can tell that the Dr. Dabber Premium Carrying Case was made to last by checking how the seams are securely stitched together. There’s even a non-stick, silicone lined pocket for your concentrates. I’m also digging the subtly flashy design, also embellished with the distinct Dr. Dabber logo.  


The Necessities all in one go: The Carrying Case 

Dr. Dabber never disappoints by making sure that you can also choose accessories specifically built for the pen that you prefer. Take the Carrying Case designed for the Dr. Dabber ghost pen. They’ve built compartments that not only will carry your Ghost pen but also the storage ball, Globe attachment, and charger. The design also stands out. It’s sleek with the Dr. Dabber blue color with the Dr. Dabber logos highlighting the rubber pull tags. The carbon fiber material protects everything and guarantees you can easily take it along anywhere. 


Cut Clean: Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter 

Vaping just got even easier with the Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter. If you’re serving your concentrates or loading them up, this Dr. Dabber accessory will grant you a graceful albeit grand way to start on a perfect note. Oils or waxes can now be easily dabbed using the heated and multi-use device. Never will it overheat or burn your concentrates at all. Instead, it warms them enough to a consistency you can easily cut through. Enabling you to get the right amount and cleanly load it to your Dr. Dabber vaporizer pen. Dr. Dabber also considered the heating tips and provided several designs to choose from.  If you consider vaping an art, these are your tools to create it with. It also comes with a one-year warranty and this covers the battery and charger. A really cool touch. 


Smoother, Cleaner Punch: The Aurora Globe Attachment 

Added moisture to vaping, is always a good option to have. This also prevents the throat hit that extended hours of vaping can cause. You can definitely just chill, lounge, reflect and enjoy vaping when you want time to simply leisurely pass by. The Dr. Dabber Aurora Glass Globe is a perfect complement to building this experience and taking it to a surreal level of relaxation. You have the right mix of sound and visual cue bubbling in the quartz atomizer along with the full flavor that Dr. Dabber delivers. Adding to this would be the ease of switching from one preference to another. Dr. Dabber made this an easy to remove and attach by having it magnetically snap in place. 


Powered in Pink: Aurora: PINK Edition Replacement Battery 

The girly girl or the manly man won’t be able to resist this PINK Edition battery for the Dr. Dabber Aurora. It really gives that powerfully pink punch to your Dr. Dabber Aurora. You can easily lock this on with the innovative SnapTech magnetic design Dr. Dabber created. Pinking up your vape pen really delivers that statement of loving pink and what it stands for. It goes without saying that the technology and battery life is as powerfully built on the inside like all Dr. Dabber batteries are. Getting the Dr. Dabber Pink Edition also brings you a one-year warranty. 


Impressive Presentation: The Dr. Dabber Honeymat  

You’d want to prepare to vape on the Dr. Dabber Honeymat. Aside from looking sleek and sharp, it also enhances the deliciousness of what you’re about to vape. I can compare it to perfect plating artistry when enjoying fine cuisine. Why not have the Dr. Dabber Honeymat, made from platinum grade silicone, help you organize and present your vaping gear? It’s a safe spot for your glass piece or rig. It can also be a perfect backdrop to display your concentrates and waxes, too. 


Profoundly Protected: Shatterproof Storage Ball 

My favorite Dr. Dabber accessory is the Shatterproof Storage Ball. It does help that it’s cute as a Pokémon ball. Just as legendary, the Shatterproof Storage Ball is built and designed to safeguard your concentrates. I’ve read up on Dr. Dabber accessories and found that this is made of platinum cured silicone. Found it easy to clean and the no-slip grip makes it easy to handle. Dr. Dabber also considered how tightly locked in your concentrates will be. The 3-centimeter size has enough space for a good enough amount to store while it’s flexible enough to fit into small pockets, and, of course, snugly into any of the Dr. Dabber carrying cases, as well.  


That’s Just Part of the Complete Catalog 

These are only some items in the collection of Dr. Dabber accessories that you can check out. It’s ingenious that Dr. Dabber came up with these tools and enhancements that specifically cater to the type of vaporizer you have. You can customize how you’d like to enjoy vaping. Not only that, but they’ve also shown a sharp knack for detail. The Dr. Dabber accessories don’t level up just one aspect of vaping but several angles: convenience, ease of usage, and the full-on empowerment to bring all your gear with you anywhere. Dr. Dabber keeps on forging good stuff for vaping you sense that they are also steering towards making it into an art. Make your own vaping experience reflect your taste, mirror your preferences and intensified further by Dr. Dabber accessories. Definitely worth the trip. 

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