Dr. Dabber: A Brand Review

Dr. Dabber: A Brand Review

Dr. Dabber: A Brand Review

The vaping industry is now one of the highest profit generating businesses today. This is not a surprise anymore because many people are becoming health conscious and are eager to quit smoking due to its ill-effects on the body. It's no wonder why many vape manufacturers and resellers are entering the market because of the promise income vape products can provide in a short period of time. Moreover, many people realize that they have a better alternative to smoking and vape pens, portable vaporizers, and desktop vaporizers are cleaner and more organized way of still enjoying their favorite pastime. With different brands of vaping devices today, there's one name that first-time and professional vapers don't fail to notice, the Dr. Dabber. What makes Dr. Dabber different from the rest? Why do vapers seem to gain high interest in this brand? Let's find out more! 


Premium Vape Brand 

Dr. Dabber wanted to create vaping devices that are reliable and convenient. The company always aim to introduce stylish vaporizers that can be used anywhere, yet stealthy enough to maintain a low profile. Dr. Dabber offers effective, potent, and excellent-performing vapes, changing the way vapers enjoy their favorite material, either wax concentrates essential oils or e-liquids. The vape product line of Dr. Dabber is a result of the company's relentless research and development, with a passionate desire to perfect every process. In fact, the Dr. Dabber Boost and Dr. Dabber Aurora are award-winning in their own right. In addition, Dr. Dabber Switch is considered as this generation's best vaporizer, using a patent-pending induction heating technology for reliably fast and incredibly precise temperature profiles, with impressive battery life and excellent overall quality vapers can rely on for many years to come. 


Dr. Dabber is a premium brand yet the product line of this vape company caters to any walks of life, afforded by vapers who are on a tight budget and most-sought by those in the upper class because of the best qualities and features of their vape pens, portable vaporizers, and desktop vaporizers. Only high-quality raw materials are being used when manufacturing, to come up with the best end products for consumers to enjoy. Dr. Dabber is genuine, committed, and passionate on their craft to provide one of the best product lines to the masses with a touch of uniqueness, sophistication, and personalized manner. 


Award-winning Dr. Dabber Vapes  

In the 2016 High Times vaporizer pen review released, Dr. Dabber Aurora became the most favored among the more than 60 vaporizers. The judges were impressed on the sleek matte-black finish, unique magnetic parts, and the multiple atomizers of Dr. Dabber Aurora vape pen. The dural ceramic rods and heater can handle different types of concentrates, showcasing its unparalleled versatility. The judges hailed the coil and various temperature settings, and they described Dr. Dabber Aurora as follows: “cool magnetic features”, “big hits”, and “crazy good vape pen”. Dr. Dabber Aurora was awarded the Best Kit/Packaging, Best Innovation, Best Durability, Best Taste, Best Stealth, and the Winner of the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup.   

Dr. Dabber Light is another award-winning vape pen. It is a small and compact vape pen that comes with a big performance. In fact, judges call Dr. Dabber Lights as “Stealthy Little Number”. It has the perfect size so vapers can easily fit the device in their pocket or taken on a trip or concerts. The judges were wowed of its “ease of use” and “big hits”. That's why it's no wonder that Dr. Dabber Light won Hight Time's Best Value and Best Portability. On the other hand, the Titanium Technology and low-heat coils of Dr. Dabber Ghost greatly impressed the judges, heating concentrates gradually and slowly for a tasty and big hit. Dr. Dabber Ghost is a sister vape pen of Aurora with a nice pull, portable size, sturdy, and solid feel. High Times described Dr. Dabber Ghost as a ”great product with good value”.  


Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction  

Dr. Dabber does not just market and sell vapes. The company considers their customers like family. You can always rely on Dr. Dabber, providing the latest innovative technology with an unmatched level of aftersales customer and technical support. Dr. Dabber makes their customers comfortable when reaching them because vapers from all walks of life use Dr. Dabber brand products. Dr. Dabber always works hard to create and maintain helpful support materials like developing online guides and videos and providing continuous customer service team training, to address and resolve any customer concern or complaint in a timely manner. Customer satisfaction is a priority, ensuring support is available 24/7 or round the clock.  


Dr. Dabber prioritizes customer satisfaction by introducing remarkable products on the market with outstanding features and benefits. For one, the Dr. Dabber Switch can be used up to 150 times just on a single charge, and these are real-life numbers, not laboratory testing. This is an unheard vaping device, only possessed by Dr. Dabber Switch, and to take into account only 60 minutes needed to fully charge this unit. Dr. Dabber understands the needs of novice vapers and seasoned veterans, so they always want to develop vaping devices suitable for both. That's why the Switch comes with 2 built-in modes that can be switched by a single button press. The standard mode has 5 simple heat settings and the pro mode has 25 profiles for vaporists and connoisseurs to experiment with, along with the benefits of patent-pending induction heating technology, allowing heating at a precise temperature in a relatively short period of time, on 4 seconds average. Dr. Dabber wants vapers to fully enjoy their vaping experience by developing no-leak sealed and easy-to-clean vapes.  


Why Choose Dr. Dabber  

Choosing Dr. Dabber is never a mistake. You'll get to use high-quality vapes at reasonable prices. Every product passed the strict standards of vaping experts and certification bodies to ensure optimum excellent quality, durability, versatility, portability, and affordability. Every vaper can find the appropriate specific Dr. Dabber vaping device for him or her, based on the individual's needs and preferences. Whether you are on-the-go with a busy lifestyle, always traveling and multi-tasking or you prefer to enjoy your vape at home and sit back and relax, you can always find the right Dr. Dabber vape for you.  


The packaging alone is impressive because Dr. Dabber ensures that every item is delivered safe and secure. Once you open the box, your eyes will easily love the great design of Dr. Dabber vape pens and vaporizers, and immediately create an instantaneous love affair upon your first draw! As you hold and stare at your Dr. Dabber vaporizer, you'll feel lucky and grateful you've got one, a real true investment that you won't let go. Now, every vaper can choose from the wide array of Dr. Dabber products available today from Dr. Dabber directly or through the company's authorized retailers.  


Final Thought 

Dr. Dabber has truly made a mark in the vaping industry. It is considered one of the strongest competitors of major players in the vaping world. While many try to beat Dr. Dabber, this brand continuously proves to be unbeatable, with the awards and recognition they are getting, not only from award-giving bodies but most especially among vapers. 

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