7th Floor Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

7th Floor Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

7th Floor Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

The Da Buddha Vaporizer is one of the most underrated devices and is oftentimes seen only as an entry-level tabletop vaporizer. Yes, the Da Buddha may be cheaper than its brethren, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV) and the Life Saber Vaporizer (LSV) but it’s in no way inferior to them both in performance and in quality.  


The Da Buddha Vaporizer, colloquially known as DBV, is an inexpensive desktop option for those who are looking to try desktop vaporization. The DBV is a huge step both in potency and in overall vapor quality if you’re used to vaping with a portable vaporizer or a vape pen. It’s also a pretty straightforward device as it has few moving parts and even fewer components that need assembly prior to vaping. Like most of 7th Floor’s vaporizers, the Da Buddha also boasts glass pieces that help with facilitating airtight seals as well as preserving the essences of your select loose-leaf materials. Like its brothers, the Da Buddha Vaporizer also sports ceramic coated heating elements which sets 7th Floor vapes apart from the average desktop units. The ceramic coated heating element helps prevent oxidation by covering the metal component of the heating element with inert ceramic. It’s also housed in an aircraft-grade aluminum shell which protects the DBV from minor damages.  


The Da Buddha Vaporizer not only resembles the Silver Surfer Vaporizer physically but it also takes after the SSV’s performance. The Da Buddha Vaporizer can quickly heat up your vegetable plant matter in less than 2 minutes, thanks to its glass oven and ceramic heating element, it can reach vaporization temperature instantaneously.  


Stick with us and read till the end of our review if you want to know more of what the DBV can do for you. 


Undeniable Durability 

Da Buddha Vaporizer


The SSV is an analog vaporizer which uses a glass knob to manage and regulate temperature. While this could be difficult for some, especially those who want precise and accurate heating, the all-mechanical control of the Silver Surfer is often the preference of experienced and advanced users since mechanical desktop vaporizers are usually stronger than those that have digital displays and touchpads for controls. We know it might take a bit of getting used to since the face surrounding the knob of the SSV does not have any indicator of which temperature the SSV runs on. However, once you get the hang of using the dial, you’ll notice that it’s something you can get around easily.  


The aircraft-grade aluminum not only provides the Silver Surfer Vaporizer with the protection it needs but it also helps insulate the heat coming from the heating element. During long and demanding sessions, the surface will eventually get hot and we imagine an inexperienced user might burn a finger or two should they be careless in using the SSV -- you don’t want to be touching the surface when you’re halfway high.  


The glass pieces included on the SSV are made by 7th Floor’s artisan glass blowers and the glass knob can be replaced and customized to give your SSV an individual look. All the SSV’s glass components can be replaced and 7th Floor Vaporizers offer a wide variety of glassware which ensures that you’ll always have a place to purchase parts just in case you lose or break one. This does not speak for the quality of the glass pieces since they’re made from lab-grade materials making them durable and safe though it’s inevitable that you’ll drop them and break them on several occasions. Knowing that there will always be replacement pieces available not only gives one piece of mind but it also allows one to keep their SSV running in good condition. 


Here are other cool features we liked about the SSV.  

  • Comes in Various Colors 
  • Convection Ovens  
  • Ground Glass Hands-Free Connections  
  • Sturdy Base  


While most desktop vapes have sturdy bases, the SSV feels like it’s cemented to the table once we set it atop ours. We never felt that it could tip over or topple at any moment during use. The SSV also comes in different color options to fit your style, match the motif or the color of your room, or even just to come in your favorite color. Similarly, the glass knobs can be customized and replaced with whichever fits your fancy.  


Test Notes 

Da Buddha Vaporizer


The SSV performs really well even when used with various dry herb strains. We also tested moist vegetable plant matter as wells as with several buds and flowers and we’ve noticed no decline in performance.  


Our only gripe is that it’s limited to whip use. The SSV uses a 3-foot vinyl tubing that we noticed was not long enough for large group sessions. We ended up having to change and switch places so each of us could draw from the SSV. An optional glass oil diffuser could be purchased separately and can be used alternatively to fill your rooms with aromatic scents -- perfect for those who like to keep it lit.  



  • Easy to Operate 
  • Durable  
  • Straightforward Design 
  • Options for Customization 



  • Limited to Whip Style 
  • No Temperature Display 


Is It Worth It? 

For people who value performance above all else and are willing to sacrifice variety for affordability, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer could well be your best option. Although it lacks advanced features such as temperature regulation and temperature display it functions very well and vaporizes dry herb strains effectively and efficiently. It may be limited to whip use and only provides users with the option for aromatherapy with essential oils but it sure does what it’s designed to do and it does it very well.  


The SSV is not only an entry-level whip style tabletop vaporizer but it also is a good daily driver, especially for those who need to get medicated daily and easily. It’s a no-nonsense device that makes vaping a breeze. We’d easily recommend this device to any type of user, you can simply never go wrong with the 7th Floor SSV.  

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