7th Floor Silver Surfer Review

7th Floor Silver Surfer Review

7th Floor Silver Surfer Review

From 7th Floor, the makers of premium desktop vapes come the Silver Surfer, a no-nonsense vaporizer that’s praised for delivering premium vapors while keeping its overall operation simple and straightforward. 7th Floor Vapes is behind some of the most reliable tabletop vaporizers on the market. Devices like the Life Saber and the Da Buddha prove that 7th Floor Vapes has every right to be an institution in the business of manufacturing devices used for botanical vaporization. Some of the most notable features you’d love about the Silver Surfer apart from its simple operation is its wide selection of glass pieces. Some even go as far as requesting customized glass art made by artisan glass blowers from 7th Floor’s local glass studio. Each and every Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer is housed in an aircraft-grade aluminum giving it the benefits of both having a lighter weight and a durable body. It simply has all that one could ask for in a desktop vaporizer. Join us in this review and find out why a lot of consumers are getting hooked with the Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer from 7th Floor.  


Easy Peasy  


The 7th Floor Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer is one of the most uncomplicated tabletop vaporizers we’ve ever tested. We know that it’s expected of desktop units to be more complex as they are oftentimes equipped with more advanced technology and more sophisticated components leading to more demanding setups. However, the Silver Surfer delivers all the desktop goodness without the complications. This unit requires no screws and will not have any threaded connections. Almost anybody will be able to assemble its pieces and can even wield its added attachments and accessories without any learning curve making it extremely user-friendly even for desktop vape standards. If you’re quite curious what comes with your Silver Surfer Vaporizer, here’s a list of what you’d find inside the box. 

  • 1 x Glass Whip Wand With Bowl 
  • 1 x Glass Whip Mouthpiece 
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Marble Pick 
  • 1 x Whip Tubing 
  • 1 x Ceramic Flavor Disc 
  • 10 x Replacement Screens 
  • Actual Unit With Glass Temperature Knob And Heater Cover 
  • Carrying Case 


The 7th Floor Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV) immediately sets you up and will require no separate tool in order to be assembled. Thanks to its glass-on-glass connections, the SSV not only takes seconds to put together but it also facilitates an airtight environment leaving no room for the vapors to leak through. This means that the materials and the vapors it produces will never go to waste, an impressive feat for a vaporizer that looks as simple and as undemanding as the SSV.  


Under the hood, the SSV isn’t exactly as rudimentary as how it appears from the outside. The Silver Surfer was the first tabletop vaporizer to use an all-ceramic heating element -- no wonder the SSV earned a large number of followers who continue to support it till this day. The heating element is placed in a reversed 90-degree angle, not only does this allow the SSV to prevent loose-leaf materials from falling directly into the heating element, this also separates the heating element from the electrical components of the SSV. Isolating the heating element is an important aspect of this design since it ensures that no part or component inside the vaporizer, especially the wires, will react to the heat coming off the ceramic heating element.  


Versatility, Customizability 

The inclusive accessories comprise of a whip made from food-grade vinyl, hand-blown glass pieces which include a glass whip wand, a glass whip bowl, and a glass whip mouthpiece. All glass pieces are made from lab-grade glass that boasts of low heat conductivity and has high resistance to thermal shock. We did use ground herbs and we’ve noticed that with the SSV the slower we took our draws, the hotter the vapors were and the faster we drew, the cooler the vapors became. As expected, even the finer herbs were kept inside the wand and did not fall off the chamber. However, it took us a while to find our sweet spot. Because the SSV lacks a digital display, we suggest monitoring the herbs and stirring them once in a while to make sure the material you packed gets evenly baked. Green herbs generally mean you’re running at a low temperature, brown herbs mean they’re cooked just right, and a little over dark brown means the leaves are starting to burn. You’d also taste the vapors and they’d slightly be more coarse to the throat. Once you get used to it and found the right temperature level, the SSV can get you lifted in less than a minute. Overall, drawing from the whip taught us that even with the very basic components, the SSV can provide you with a personalized vaping experience.  

Apart from the inclusive whip, the SSV can work in conjunction with many of 7th Floor’s accessories. For those who get bored with the traditional means of drawing from a whip, the 7th Floor Silver Surfer Vaporizer can be outfitted with a water adapter to add moisture to your draws. Not only does moisture conditioned cool down the vapors but it’s basically better for your lungs. The SSV can also be equipped with a potpourri aroma top attachment which allows you to use essential oils for aromatherapy.  


Highs and Lows 

After using the SSV, we took down notes about what we loved and what we hated about this fan favorite desktop vape. 



  • Fast-Heating 
  • Easy To Use 
  • Hard-Wearing 



  • No Digital Display 
  • Can Get Too Hot 


There’s not much to talk about the SSV except for its simplicity and reliability. Our only gripe is the lack of an accurate temperature display. And while we realized that this is something we can whine about, the all-mechanical operation makes the SSV durable than most tabletop units in its class.  


Is It Worth It?  

Sure it is, the 7th Floor Silver Surfer vaporizer is good for both connoisseurs and amateurs alike. The quality of every SSV is the product of American craftsmanship and is a testament to their promise of unparalleled quality.  We’d easily recommend this desktop vaporizer to anyone who is looking for a reliable and an affordable vaporizer. 

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