10 Ways to Spot a Fake Space Case Grinder

10 Ways to Spot a Fake Space Case Grinder

10 Ways to Spot a Fake Space Case Grinder

Nothing can be as frustrating as shelling out hard-earned money to buy a good deal that turns out into a great slap-in-the-face experience, that you’ve been duped. It’s really tempting to grab at that discounted, pictures gleaming, comments pulling you into the trap to buy it -- even if your gut feeling is telling you it sounds fishy -- you’ll still take the bait. Don’t get lulled into that purchase. 


The times have been a-changing and purchasing the Space Case Grinder can be really easy and really fast online. The most popular online shopping sites, eBay, Amazon, and the likes, can offer incredibly-good deals on the space case grinder. It’s high time to really know how to discern if the purchase is authentically space case grinder products or otherwise. Get the most bang for your buck by investing not on the discount but more of the value that will get the best results. 

First: Knowledge is Good Power 

Before we get into the details, the specifics and techniques on spotting a fake space case grinder and a full-blooded space case grinder -- it’s best to get to know the real people, the real craftsmen that make the space case grinder. 


You can do some research and get to know more about the materials that are chosen to create the space case grinder as well as the stringent and tightly compliant standards of quality control they lend on every product that comes out of the plant. You can also get in touch and be able to know where authentic space case grinder is sold.  


Second: Be Wary of Vaguely Positive Comments 

If the comments on the ad or post already whisper, “Almost”, “Seems”, “Can be”, “Kind of” and the like where vagueness is seen, skip it right away. If there are no comments about the space case grinder sold, go to the next post. It’s better to spend some time to investigate and get curious about the totality of the post. You can also easily contact the good guys at space case grinder or your nearest authorized dealer for great deals. 


Third: The Deal is Just Too Good  

If the price is too astoundingly low, for example, compare the real price of $85 to a grab-it-now while supplies last $25, chances are the supposedly authentic space case grinder you’re purchasing was built on material that’s way less than $25. Consider that the materials used and sourced for the authentic space case grinder are of greater quality intended for long-term performance. If the post dwells on the great, big amazing discount too much, think of it as you’re just buying the discount and not really investing in a product you can count on. 


Fourth: Interior Details Edges Fakes Out 

Every authentic space case grinder has a sharp, straight edge along the interior bottom of the canisters. This is compliant to the design that the creators of the space case grinder intended for the customers. That feel and functionality that you have a device that can smoothly cut your herbs -- for a long time. Fake ones have a rounded edge, showing how the canister has been easily molded. If you can get your hand on a fake one, make sure to test it out. It won’t feel the same as the real space case grinder. There’s a certain flimsiness factor to it.  


Fifth: The Lighter Weight Gives Away the Lie 

Each space case grinder is made from the finest American milled aluminum. The tensile strength was specially chosen to have the grinder robust, strong and at peak performance. All details, from the case to the sieves, to the blades and magnet -- there was no compromise on the results you’ll have when you use space case grinder to grind your herb. Summing this up altogether, the authentic space case grinder weighs in on average over a hefty 150 grams. The copy, due to what it can possibly spend on materials based on its targeted profit margin, can only commit to the bare minimum to get a working product going. They weigh in a few grams shy above 100 grams. 

Sixth:  Finer Pores Versus Larger Pores 

For authentic space case grinder, the sieve at the top and bottom have finer pores. Again, this was designed to give you optimal results as you use the space case grinder. The mere copy has too large pores that result in a far coarser grind than you would expect. Moreover, you will see that the filters or screens are flimsy. Compare that to the real space case grinder it is solidly held in place and you will notice a stark difference in how they are constructed. It looks like the screens can be easily sourced from any hardware store.  


Seventh: Blades of Glory 

This is the critical part on why you should invest in a real space case grinder. The blades are diamond-cut and made from medical-grade, milled aluminum which ensures that they’ll be as sharp as they can be. With just a few rotations, your herbs are set at the texture you’d expect. With the fake grinder, you would need more elbow grease to hopefully the grind results you’d like but up to when would the blades stay sharp?  Your guess is as good as mine. 


Eight: Logo - Lasered Versus Painted 

On the real space case grinder, the logo on the top cover, along with, “Made in the USA” are laser-etched onto the metal. This is also a good way to make it harder for fake products to get their grinders to look authentic. The expense to have it etched would be a price too steep for a copycat to deliver as well. This is why they have it only painted onto the cover. Sometimes only the logo is there and the, “Made in the USA” is omitted. You can use this criterion as an easy way to spot the fake from the real space case grinder, too.  


The latest news is that Space Case has created a new logo to be a deterrent to the pirated products. Make sure that you’ve got this down pat and take a picture of the new logo, too. You can also check out the new logo here: https://spacecase.com/logo-application-notification    


Nine: The True Ring Is Immovable 

Every real space case grinder has a Teflon ring that cannot be moved. It is fixed in place and was designed to be so to further make the product even more robust and stronger. This enables the space case grinder to last a very long time and will deliver the same results when grinding your herb. As for the mock-up, you can only find that it has a plastic ring. This is also very easily removable. It can easily succumb to the wear and tear that the grinding process can have and renders it unusable after a considerably short span of time.  


Ten: The Centering Wedges and Flushed Magnet 

The Centering Wedges were created by space case grinder to make sure the herbs are rotated at the center to deliver a consistent grind to your herb. This is complemented by the flushed magnet into the center of the device to ensure that all components are balanced as it is used. The fake grinder, finding it cumbersome to add more effort to have the magnet flushed into the device - just has it at the surface, just enough to make it work for a short period of time. 

Get Real 

It’s fun, without a doubt, to suddenly find an amazing deal on a product you’ve been eyeing for some time. But, better think twice if you’re really going to invest your good money on a product that might come apart or not work at all in the long run. It’s best to aim for the reliable and authentic space case grinder. You’re making your money work for you when you purchase a product that you can count on and deliver the results you’re wanting to have.  


The space case grinder was created for long-time performance. Not just a mere month or two like the fake grinders that have proliferated everywhere. If you’re after that perfect grind, getting the same results for a very long period of time, just go for the real space case grinder and not the flimsy fake that might deliver over a short period of time. 

To sum everything up, all you’ve got to do is look into the details. The space case grinder has been making their product for the past 18 years. The time, the effort and the pride of creating the space case grinder got all the details perfectly in place for the customer.  Truly, the biggest bang for your buck at all angles.

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